Clinical Advisory Board

The role of the Clinical Advisory Board is to govern the clinical activities of Planet Medic. In doing so, the Board works to ensure that Planet Medic act in accordance with the both local and international law and conventions, regulations and protocols. It also provides guidance and develops and maintains ethical standards based on a code of conduct, the scope of practice, medical definitions, and clinical guidelines.

The board currently comprises eight members including the Chair, Co-Chair, the Medical Director and five Member positions (advisors)  . Our Board Members are volunteers who receive no payment for their services, other than partial reimbursement for reasonable travel and other expenses incurred through their work for Planet Medic.

A key Board responsibility is to ensure good governance is in place. The Board will monitor and review its own performance and strives to always have a skilled and diverse membership in place. It also establishes and implements a recognition process that acknowledges the efforts of our volunteers, members and staff.

Dr Kasia Ibrahim

Medical Director

Steve Whitfield

Director / Chair

Mick Stuth

 Director / Co-Chair

Michael Cohen

Clinical Adviser

Leeane Fowler

Clinical Adviser

Greg Anderson

Clinical Adviser

Benn Roberts

Clinical Adviser

Dean Mccort

Clinical Adviser

Shaun Whitmore

Clinical Adviser

Genevieve Swan

Clinical Adviser


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Our Values

At Planet Medic we believe that we all have a moral obligation to help others and we believe that everyone has something unique to give. Early in our own paramedic careers there were limited opportunities to upskill and develop outside of the services. We looked for ways to develop ourselves clinically, professionally and personally whilst giving back to communities. Planet Medic was born from this ideal.

Our platform exists to support the work that other ambulance service are conducting overseas, and we focus on some that operate with very limited resources. Planet Medic is a source for them to engage and acquire highly trained and experienced paramedics on short term development rotations and this allows a shared experience between providers and clinicians.

As a paramedic development platform, we believe that we have a responsibility to help make clinicians better and if we can do this whilst supporting prehospital service providers our reach is even further. It’s not always easy as there are resources and people to mobilise, plenty of obstacles to overcome, lots and lots of opinions to inform and conditions that regularly change, but we do what we can, with what we have. Our largest asset is collaborating with other likeminded people, professionals, paramedics and industry leaders to find innovative ways to deliver health care whilst remaining focused on doing it the right way the first time. We develop relationships and engage community committees to represent what is most needed to ensure our development programs are focused on what the paramedics need and the community requires.

We collaborate with them to ensure our resources are balanced and we deliver a carefully planned program.

Our philosophy is that if we put people first – the success will follow. Our goal is to develop paramedics and bring a standard of prehospital health care into areas that it is most needed.


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