Our Story

Established in late 2015, Planet Medic was an off shoot of The Wild Medic Project when an opportunity occurred to support a pacific island ambulance service. The model did not fit within the existing program and a separate placement structure was developed.

It was an informal agreement to essentially advertise the available positions to support a service that was in need of qualified paramedics to help establish a higher skill set and mentor the local officers.

Since that time a refined paramedic development program has developed that now exists to support the paramedic participants better legally, ethically, operationally and clinically as well as provide a strategy to set / raise the standard of prehospital care, provide educational opportunities to local officers, and provide the placements as part of developmental opportunities for the paramedic participants.

2018 saw the organisational structure grow to include a medical director and a medical advisory board that has allowed Planet Medic to assist ambulance services that do not possess a structured approach to prehospital care delivery.

The collaborative efforts by the executive team in engaging subject matter experts and stakeholders has been and will continue to be a key in the successful paramedic development program.

As a result of our commitment to honesty, transparency and sustainability our paramedic development opportunities are thriving. All we offer are real experiences in a pre-hospital setting for paramedics to engage whilst they undertake opportunities to upskill and give back to the community. These are life changing experiences and we look forward to supporting each and every participant as they support the communities we work with.

And this is just the beginning!


The rest is history....

Mick and Steve were two paramedics working together in a remote town in Queensland who shared a passion for adventure, travel and helping people. Both regular volunteers on overseas projects and expeditions they struggled to find the placement opportunities that were afforded to every other health care provider. Over many shifts together they developed the concept of the Planet Medic platform as a way of engaging the profession they loved with adventurous opportunities for community development.

The rest is history. Planet Medic was set up by two paramedics for paramedics and the level of understanding that they both shared of the paramedical profession and pre-hospital health care delivery is what has assisted the success of this platform.


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